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Move Over Stanley, There’s a New Tumbler Brand That Everyone Is Freaking Out About

It looks like Stanley may have some serious competition…

As we all know, Stanley tumblers have been trending for quite some time but it looks like there’s a new must-have tumbler in town!

Courtesy of HydroJug

What’s dubbed the HydroJug, this new tumbler has been the recent talk on social media.

Now while the 40 ounce tumbler may look like a Stanley, don’t be fooled, because this tumbler is completely different.

Courtesy of HydroJug

Starting with a problem that Stanley has yet to fix with their popular tumblers, the HydroJug has found a solution.

Completely leak-proof, HydroJug’s Traveler tumblers won’t spill no matter which way the tumbler falls.

Courtesy of HydroJug

Just take a look at one TikToker’s video @torihalford, who completely flipped her HydroJug upside down without a drop of liquid escaping.

Courtesy of @torihalford

Other than a leakproof lid, the Traveler tumbler also features a circular flip straw and is cupholder compatible for on-the-go trips to the grocery store or your kids’ soccer game.

Hence the name, “Traveler” tumbler.

Courtesy of HydroJug

But other than the convenient features listed above, we all know that looks are everything when it comes to tumblers of course.

So you can expect the HydroJug to come in several bright colors that are hard to pass up.

Courtesy of @_kennedylyons

Featuring a neon green, bright blue, and an aesthetically pleasing cream just to name a few, you can currently find the HydroJug tumblers currently listed on their website.

You can also find a handful of their tumblers online at eBay, just incase the color you wanted was sold out because heads up, they’re going fast!

Courtesy of HydroJug