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You Can Get A Wall Clock That Tells You What Day Of The Week It Is And I’m Going To Need One

If you are anything like me, this new hobby of staying home 24/7 is messing with my mind, and half the time, I have NO idea what day of the week it is. Is it Wednesday? Is it Friday? Who knows!

Luckily, THIS day clock exists, and now you never have to wonder what day it is again! It counts down the days of the week, and I’m going to need this on my wall immediately.

This clock is perfect for our new life of lockdown. When days start blurring together into one, this clock will ground you to reality.

What time is it? WHO CARES! I need to know what day of the week I’m living in.

You can get this clock in three different colors: Mahogany, Oak, or Pine.

This battery operated clock runs about $40, and it’s the best money you will spend right now. It will give you a sense of stability, being able to know what day of the week it is.

An ideal clock for seniors with dementia, the day of the week clock assists with memory loss by clearly displaying the current day.


You can get your Day Clock right on the Amazon website.

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