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Here’s The Starbucks Halloween Cups Collection For 2023

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It’s officially September and you know what that means… Halloween is just around the corner!

Which also means… Starbucks Halloween Cups are about to drop. In fact, some people are already finding them!!

Here’s A Sneak Peek at The Starbuck’s Halloween Cup Collection (2023)

One cup that has already gone viral (and with good reason) is this super cool Starbucks Green Slime Tumbler that looks like something straight from Goosebumps.

The best part is, it actually glows in the dark!

Probably my personal favorite is this hot pink pumpkin coffee mug. It is gorgeous!

northernsummers2014 ebay

Then there is this beauty…

Yes, that is a rainbow skull mug. OMG I love it!!

For those that like a little pumpkin in their life, there are a few options…

First, is this ceramic hot cup that has colorful pumpkins on the outside.

Then there is this beauty that has a smoky pumpkin effect on the outside and it’s a cold tumbler with a matching lid and straw.

There is also this rainbow iridescent studded tumbler that looks like one that was released a few years back.

Then there is this tumbler that to me, doesn’t look summer Halloweeny but it comes with Halloween stickers that you can use to decorate the tumbler!

Overall, if you’re looking for a new spooky/Fall cup for Halloween, hit up your local Starbucks to find these cups now.

Keep in mind, they may not be in stores for a few weeks but people are already finding them now.

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