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Here’s How You Can Make Snowy Santa Footprints To Show Your Kids on Christmas Morning

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Christmas morning is magical.

Santa has arrived and presents are under the tree and hopefully, it’s snowing.

photo of gifts under christmas tree

And now, you can take that magic to the next level by leaving some snowy Santa footprints for the kids to see on Christmas morning.

InspiredbyAlma etsy

It’ll ensure that Santa really came to leave presents and stockings for good little girls and boys in your house!

InspiredbyAlma etsy

What you need to make Snowy Santa Footprints

There are a few ways you can make these Snowy Santa Footprints. There are kids out there but none that arrive before Christmas at this point.


So, the easiest way (and one that doesn’t involve glitter) is to use a stencil and flour.

Yes, that is really all you need. Plus, the flour vacuums right up if you are doing this on carpet. Easy to clean!!


Once you have your stencil, place it onto your carpet or floor and gently pour flour over the stencil.


Carefully lift the stencil straight up and BAM you have a snowy Santa footprint!

Repeat it around the tree and even leading to and from the fireplace to convince the kids Santa really visited while they were sleeping!


Isn’t this such a fun and inexpensive idea?! I love it and I am totally doing it this year for my kids!


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