This Dad Built A Jeep Bed For His Daughter and Now I Want One

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My dream car is a Jeep Wrangler, yellow, four door, black rims with a hard top and yes, it’s a very detailed preference because I’ve been dreaming about this car for a very long time.

Courtesy of Thomas Passmore

Everything about the way Jeep’s look on the outside and in the inside is super unique.

I even admire the subtle wave Jeep drivers do when they pass another fellow Jeep owner on the road!

Courtesy of Thomas Passmore

A father on Facebook, recently shared his creation online and built an entire Jeep bed for his daughter Scarlett and it is so cool.

I wish I had a bed like this when I was a kid!

Courtesy of Thomas Passmore

Mr. Thomas Passmore built a large pink jeep (to go with her pink themed room) with high beams that actually illuminate, paired large tires and a purple under glow.

Now if you think about it, that’s not a bad Jeep to have in real life, it would be one of the few pink cars out on the road.

Courtesy of Thomas Passmore

This jeep bed has two doors on either side with a mini black ladder leading up the bed.

From the looks of the video Mr. Passmore shared, the purple under glow flashes to the beat of the music which is honestly the best part of the bed if you ask me.


Completely handmade, this father constructed a Jeep bed and we can only hope his daughter Scarlett loves it, which I’m sure she will!

On behalf of Totallythebomb, The “Dad of the Year” award officially goes to Mr. Thomas Passmore!

Courtesy of Thomas Passmore

If you were inspired by Mr. Passmore’s creation, you can download a template on Etsy here, sold by @JeepBed, to build your own Jeep inspired bed for the Jeep enthusiast in your home or maybe even for yourself!

You can purchase this template for around $30.

Courtesy of @JeepBed

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  1. Kindly tell me it’s price please.
    I am interested in this bed for my 2.4 yr boy.