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Starbucks is Selling A Green Slime Tumbler That is Giving All The Goosebumps Vibes

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If you grew up in the 90s you likely remember Goosebumps… the show that scared you just enough that you wanted to come back for more…

Well, Starbucks newest cup is giving total Goosebumps vibes and it is pure nostalgia.

R.L. Stine

Just in time for Halloween, Starbucks released a new green slime tumbler that is just dripping with coolness.

Kelly Jo Owens

This cup is a Venti (24 oz) tumbler that is lime green in color with a matching lime green lid and straw.

The best part is, it actually GLOWS IN THE DARK!!

This is one of those cups that is going to be hard to find for Halloween so, if you see it, get it!

Kimberly Brooke

Rumors are, this cup is supposed to launch officially in Starbucks stores on September 12, 2023 but as you can see, people are already finding it in-stores now.

You can get this Starbucks Green Slime Tumbler at your local Starbucks now or online at eBay here.

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