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Cheesecloth Ghosts Are The Hot New Halloween Trend and They Are Adorable

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There’s much more to Halloween than just witches and goblins.

This Halloween season, turn your home into a ghost graveyard with this simple project you can easily make at home!

Thanks to TikTok’s latest Halloween craze, cheesecloth ghosts have officially taken over social media and (people’s homes) when it comes to decorating for spooky season this year.

And the best part about this Halloween craft is that it’s super simple to make!

Courtesy of @lifewithlainee

To get started, you’ll want to make sure you have cheesecloth handy and some sort of fabric stiffener such as liquid starch or Mod Podge to wet your cheesecloth which you can find Amazon.

Now this next step varies from TikTok to TikTok.

Courtesy of @oliveandoakhome

After dunking your cheesecloth in Mod Podge or liquid starch, you’ll then want to drape your wet cheesecloth on a base that’s shaped like a ghost.

For example, some users have used mason jars with pipe cleaners for the body and arms while others have only used blown up balloons or various styrofoam shapes.

Courtesy of @oliveandoakhome

The goal is to make sure your base has somewhat of a shape that’s similar to the head and body of a ghost in mid-air.

Then, drape your wet cheesecloth on top of your base and shape it to your own preference, maybe your ghost has flailing arms or a larger sized head?

Courtesy of @myfourwonders

Once the cheesecloth has dried you can then add specific details such as the eyes or what it’s holding with a hot glue gun.

Place your cheesecloth ghost on the desk in your room to decorate or hang it in the corner of your room with fishing line to make it look like it’s flying!

Courtesy of @myfourwonders

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