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Florida Police Are Responding To Claims That They Were Called To An Alien Sighting

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Strange things are afoot in Miami, Florida!

There is a video going viral of what’s being described as an extraterrestrial caught on film at the Bayside Marketplace Mall.

The video shows a massive police presence at the outdoor mall — like, over 60 police cars with sirens blaring and blue lights flashing.

But, that, alone, is not what’s making people go insane.

There are some people that are saying the video also shows a 10-foot-tall gray alien creature walking in between the police cars.

Conspiracy theorists are going crazy right now.

I’m not going to lie. It’s a lot of police cars. Obviously something major was going on.

What do the police say?

Officers are officially saying that they were on the scene, because there were about 50 juveniles shooting fireworks at people and looting stores.

They were trying to contain the problem — with the entire police force?

So, just to address a few clips that are going viral on social media right now. First, our response to that big incident on Bayside Marketplace. What happened was there was about 50 or more juveniles that were shooting fireworks at people. There was also some looting going on, so officers that were on that scene were having a little bit of trouble containing it.

Officer Rafael Horta

You can watch the video for yourself, and make your own conclusions about why the police were out in full force at Bayside Marketplace.

What do you think about the 10-foot gray creature? Do you see it?

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