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Jacob Elordi is Replacing Andrew Garfield as Frankenstein’s Monster In The New ‘Frankenstein’ Movie

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If you haven’t seen Saltburn by now, you are definitely in the minority.

Saltburn is the crazy disturbing movie that was in theaters just a couple months ago, but it is now getting all the buzz since it started streaming on Amazon.

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Jacob Elordi, one of the stars of Saltburn — and also of Euphoria fame — has been tapped to replace Andrew Garfield as Frankenstein’s Monster in a new Guillermo del Toro flick that is being made for Netflix.

According to Deadline, Andrew had to drop out of this Frankenstein project due to “strike postponements that led to scheduling conflicts,” so Jacob Elordi has jumped at the chance.

Not that Andrew Garfield wouldn’t have done a stellar job, but –GAH!! — I can not wait to see Jacob Elordi in this Frankenstein film!!

Now, Frankenstein — based on the Mary Shelley 1818 novel — has been adapted for the big screen on numerous occasions, but with del Toro at the helm, this version is sure to truly be amazing!!

If the name Guillermo del Toro sounds familiar, you probably know him as the writer of 2004’s Hellboy or 2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth.

He also recently created Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities for Netflix — and OMG you have to watch — but only if you are into ominous horror. LOL!


DelToro will be writing, directing and producing this new Frankenstein adaptation, and I can’t wait!!

This Frankenstein film is still in its infancy phase, but I’m totally hyped to know that we can expect to see Jacob Elordi as the monster created by the egotistical scientist, Frankenstein.

We will bring you all the hottest Frankenstein details as soon as they drop.

Anyone else simply giddy for the trailer?!?

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