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Amazon’s New Movie Is Leaving People Feeling Disturbed

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If this movie sounds super familiar, that’s because it was just in theaters a month ago.

Odds are, you probably missed it.

But, no worries! It’s already up and streaming, and people have some serious thoughts about this film.

If you think you are ready for it, hold onto your holiday hats. You don’t know what you are about to get yourself into.


There is literally no way to prepare you for this.

Academy Award winning filmmaker Emerald Fennell brings us a beautifully wicked tale of privilege and desire. Struggling to find his place at Oxford University, student Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) finds himself drawn into the world of the charming and aristocratic Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), who invites him to Saltburn, his eccentric family’s sprawling estate, for a summer never to be forgotten.

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There May Be Some Spoilers Ahead

Saltburn is a black comedy, psychological drama that is a bit on the deranged side.

A black psycho-dramedy, if you will.


Its tagline is “We’re All About To Lose Our Minds,” and they aren’t even remotely joking.

Saltburn is a little weird, a bit uncomfortable at times, and just might be the best movie of 2023.

There are 2 major scenes that people are saying are leaving them feeling disturbed:

  • The bathtub scene
  • The graveyard scene

Although, the entire show is just bizarre, dark and can be deemed as disturbing for some.

Y’all. Grab your bucket of popcorn — and perhaps a little holy water — and get to streaming this flick.

You can catch Saltburn now on Amazon Prime.


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