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Stanley Just Released Two New Tumblers for Valentine’s Day and I’m In Love

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Gifting your loved one a box of chocolates for the day of love is so last year.

So rather than something sweet, give your partner in crime an item that can always keep them hydrated.

Courtesy of eBay

For heart’s day, Stanley has released two new tumblers just in time for Cupid’s day.

So not only can you buy your loved one a brand new Stanley, but you can also match them with your own Valentine’s day tumbler too!

Courtesy of @nbeexo_

The new tumblers, which come in shades of purple and pink are also creatively decorated with one tiny heart.

Courtesy of @nbeexo_

Fans of the H2.0 tumbler can find the delicate heart that follows the “Y” in “Stanley”, on the front of the tumbler, cute right?

And alongside the minuscule heart, Stanley sippers may also notice the lighter shade of color at the top of the tumbler that holds the straw in place.

You can find the two new Stanley tumblers for Valentine’s day online at eBay.

But if you’d rather see the tumblers in person, you can also spot them currently on Target store shelves!

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