If You See a Tree Painted White, Here’s What It Means

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On your walk through the neighborhood or even while driving your car through a certain part of town, you may have noticed some tree trunks, are painted white.

Now while you may think that these trees may be painted for decoration reasons, there’s actually a specific purpose for coating a tree with white paint.

According to the internet, the reason why the lower trunks of some trees are painted white are for protection purposes.

In order to prevent what’s called “sunscald”, some trees will have the lower end of their bark painted white to prevent splits in their trunk.

The process of sunscald occurs during the winter season, when there are extreme fluctuations in temperatures that can cause the beautiful bark to crack.

Now if you’re wondering how white paint can help prevent the wood to split, keep reading.

The light color from the paint will first stop the wood from overheating which will then in return, prevent any splits in the bark that can be due to the stress from the change in winter nights to sunny days.

Typically you’ll find this solution works on the thin trees you see in residential neighborhoods or ones that are planted in orchards.

To paint your own trees white to prevent damage, there are two things you must know.

One, is to use a water-based latex paint, and two, to make sure the paint is diluted properly; remember, one gallon of paint, to one gallon of water.

Apparently, you can also use equal parts water and latex paint, that’s mixed with a joint compound to prevent insects from harming the tree too!

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