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This Mom Trying To Rescue Her Son’s Pet Frog Is The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll See Today

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We’ve all gone to great lengths to retrieve stuffed animals, toys, pacifiers, and blankets that our kids have lost.

But, this mom takes it one step further — trying to rescue her son’s pet frog that has jumped into the wall of her home.

Shelby Rideout

It is hilarious, and you have to check this out.

Shelby Rideout documented the entire ordeal, as she hides in her bathroom closet, trying to coax the frog from its perch inside the wall.

Shelby Rideout

It all started when the mom suggested to her son that they take his pet frog out in the bathroom to play with it and give it room to jump around.

She never dreamed this would lead to a 2-hour-long stakeout, trying to get Kermit safely back in his home.

Shelby Rideout

See, when they took the frog out of its enclosure, it immediately found a small hole in the wall — one that they never even knew existed.

The frog could still be seen, but couldn’t be retrieved from the small space in the wall.

Shelby Rideout

Shelby’s son was distraught, thinking he’d never see his beloved frog again.

But, not on her watch!!

She spent the next 2 hours and 45 minutes hiding in the bathroom closet, and giving TikTok updates like a covert spy.

Shelby Rideout

I prayed to Saint Anthony. I put on sounds of crickets on my Google and I’m trying to lure him out. I’ve been in here for 35 minutes. I wish I could tell you I was joking. I’ve been in the closet for an hour.

Shelby Rideout

The break in the case comes when someone suggests she turn off the light in the bathroom.

It does the trick!! Kermit hops out from his hiding place, and goes straight for his water bowl!!


Shelby Rideout

I got him! Got him! I got him! I got him! I got him!

Shelby Rideout

This wasn’t the first pet they had lost in one week.

Their beloved goldfish suddenly died in his aquarium, and Shelby had to give it mouth-to-mouth.

Shelby Rideout

That situation didn’t turn out on a happy note, and she wasn’t about to let Kermit meet the same fate.

You can watch Shelby’s entire frog saga on TikTok. You can see the first video HERE, and the follow-up Kermit video HERE.

Shelby Rideout

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