Berry Pebbles Is Officially Back on Shelves After Missing for Almost 15 Years

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A bowl of Fruity Pebbles is good, but Berry Pebbles for your morning breakfast is better.

Post Consumer Brands has finally brought back a fan-favorite cereal that has been missing on shelves for quite some time.

Courtesy of Post Consumer Brands

After being discontinued for almost 15 years, Berry Pebbles is officially back on grocery store shelves!

So your early mornings before work, just got better.

Courtesy of Post Consumer Brands

In all of its pink, blue, and purple glory, Berry Pebbles has not only made room on the shelf in grocery stores but we assume, will also be stocked in your kitchen pantry very soon.

And according to a new press release, the berry flavored cereal is not only back to snag off the shelves, but this time, the cereal has returned for good!

Courtesy of Post Consumer Brands

That’s right, Berry Pebbles is currently back on grocery store shelves as a permanent addition nationwide!

So goodbye Fruity Pebbles or Honey Nut Cheerios, and hello to Berry Pebbles!

Courtesy of Post Consumer Brands

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