Ads For Bathtub Trays Prove Nobody Ever Takes A Bath In Real Life

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What are bathtub trays for anyway?

Every time I tell people I prefer baths to showers they look at me like I have two heads. I once tried to sell a house that had no shower in the master bathroom and everyone thought I was completely insane.

bathtub trays

What that has taught me is that nobody ever actually takes a bath, and this woman, Sharon Su has decided that not only does nobody ever take a bath, but they advertisers also have NO IDEA what the hell a bath tray is for.

And if I am being honest, I don’t really know, either.

I am, however more concerned about this lady’s candles balanced precariously than anything else. Hair does not smell good when it’s on fire.

I am more concerned that she has this salad and NO FORK. It’s not like she can just wash her hands in between bites.

Oh, wait…

This is a LOT of drinks in the tub. Like, three more than I usually have.

But, more importantly, WHO is drinking a latte in the hot bathtub?

Wait, is that NAIL POLISH?!? How are you supposed to paint your nails in the tub? That would NEVER work.

The cornflakes and blue drink on the other hand are a helluva way to spend a Tuesday night, and I am in.

Clearly this is a bathtub trays party for two. Except WHERE IS THE OTHER PERSON!?!?

I mean, I have a guess based on that smile she’s tossing back at us, but that is not appropriate at all.

This tray though? This is a tray I might be into. IS THAT A WAFFLE?!?!

At least they’re using a fork this time.

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