Toilet Paper Is About To Become More Expensive, So It’s Time To Stock Up

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I think we all had started to feel a little bit safer about toilet paper recently, the store shelves have been pretty well stocked in our area.

But now, things are changing again and this is something that is pretty much unheard of.

The price of wood has been rising, I know because we own a cabinet shop and it wasn’t just small increases.

This also means the price of wood pulp has risen as well, and that is pretty much unheard of at these rates.

We’ve never seen monthly price increases like this in the history of the business. It’s unheard of.

said Brian McClay, a pulp industry analyst

Wood pulp is the raw material that is used to make toilet paper and other paper products..

According to Brian McClay, the prices of pulp were only about $606 per metric ton last September.

Now in April, those prices have risen to more than $907 per metric ton!

There are a few factors that play in to this, one of those being China being in post-Covid recovery and the global shipping delays.

China is the biggest buyer of wood pulp in the world.

US Consumer manufacturers are buying about 70% of the pulp they need from Brazil and about 30% from Canada right now.

Disrupted supply chains are affecting a lot right now, people that will work seem to be hard to find right now.

Chlorine for your pools, computer chips, lumber, pulp, and steel are also in very short supply.

Rising prices

So these rising wood pulp prices are having a huge impact on the production of toilet paper now according to Consumer Brands Association.

The prices had already increased a bit during the pandemic and they are definitely climbing now and it is due to the rising pulp costs.

In fact, the price of toilet paper increased 15.6% during the 52 weeks ending May 1st and this is comparing to the year prior.

Scott toilet paper from Kimberly Clark is going to increase prices mid-to-high single-digit percentages starting next month.

So, I guess the point is, if you are able to stock up a little without being a hoarder, then maybe grab a few packs extra.

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