Wendy’s 4-Piece Chicken Nuggets Are Currently Less Than a Dollar and I’m On My Way

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Realizing you’ve forgotten your wallet midway at the drive-thru can make you feel panicked, (we’ve all been there) but rest assured, Wendy’s says not to worry.

Considering you’ll only be needing the change in your pocket to pay for your order, the fast food chain says your wallet is practically unnecessary.

Thanks to the fast food giant, Wendy’s is only asking for four quarters, minus a penny, in exchange for their four-piece chicken nugget!

For just 99 cents, customers who are craving a lunch at Wendy’s can snag this deal by using the chain’s fast food app after making any other purchase.

Courtesy of Wendy’s

So now that it’s decided on where to pickup lunch, the only other difficult decision you have to make is to choose which sauce to double dip your nuggets in.

And you can’t go wrong with Ghost Pepper Ranch.

Courtesy of Wendy’s

Wendy’s four-piece chicken nuggets are available for 99 cents now, until October 16!

Now while the offer is only available to redeem once a day, that’s nearly a week of their four-piece chicken nuggets that cost less than a dollar!

Courtesy of Wendy’s

Now that’s a math problem we can get down with.

Courtesy of Wendy’s

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