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You Can Get A Llama String Art Set For That Crafty Llama Lover In Your Life

Attention all crafty Llama lovers! This one is for you.

You can get this Llama String Art set, and it is super awesome! It comes with TWO canvases, so you can do TWO different Llama art projects.

Via Amazon

Instead of having to use a hammer, these projects use push pins, so it is totally perfect for those younger Llama lovers.

Kit includes two 8.5 in (21.6 cm) foam canvases, 5 pcs cardstock, 31 yds (28.3 m) cotton thread, 6 yds (5.48 m) acrylic yarn, 120 pins, 5 pcs acrylic felt, 30 pom poms, 3 pcs adhesive, instructions

Ann Williams

This would look SO CUTE on the wall in my daughter’s bedroom, and she would totally love it, because it is art that SHE did!

STRING ART IS WRAPPED UP IN CREATIVITY: Designs look complex but are easy to complete with clear, detailed directions for crafters with a bit of experience. Simply push pins into the pre-patterned foam bases and string away. Kids can use our patterns or design their own.


You can use their pattern, or make your own. Either way, it is going to look amazing!

This fantastic Llama art kit gets an AWESOME 4.8 out of 5 stars, and seriously great reviews.

You can get this heck-a-cool Llama string art straight from Amazon!

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