This Woman’s Dinosaur Boudoir Photoshoot Is The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day

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I want to be part of this Mommies group! They are my people.

Nicole Stein and Kissy Spicer have been friends for about four years, when they both joined the same online Canada Mommies group.

Kissy was — well, she still is — a photographer, and Nicole is just a downright fun lady. So, when Nicole suggested she wanted to do a Boudoir photo shoot as a wedding gift for her fiance — as a DINOSAUR — Kissy said, “When and where.”

They shot the photos while Nicole’s fiance was away at his bachelor’s party, and I think they probably had more fun than he did. Ha!

Can you just imagine being in the room with a large — um, sexy? — dinosaur? They did more laughing than they did shooting pictures.

When Nicole presented the book to her new husband at the wedding, the reveal didn’t go exactly as she had planned. There were “Real” Boudoir photos at the beginning of the book, and he was afraid of his buddies seeing them. He didn’t realize it was a funny book.

Ha! Can you even imagine!?! Nicole said, “When he did read it finally, he laughed for about half an hour. He said he should have kept reading when he saw the picture of me picking my teeth among the real pictures.”

At one point, Nicole’s son almost inadvertently ruined the surprise, saying that Mommy was a dinosaur.

She just laughed it off, and said they were pretending. Whew! It worked.

See the post about the fun day of boudoir shooting below.


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