You Can Get A Donald Trump Elf to ‘Make Christmas Great Again’

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If you are a fan of Donald Trump you should know, there is a Donald Trump version of Elf on The Shelf.

People are calling it Trump on a Stump but if you don’t like him, you can call it Trump on the Dump.


Nonethless, this is a very REAL thing and if you need it, you’ll want to scoop one up for the holiday season…

This gag gift features a Trump Elf (with a trump face) and it’s iconic slogan is “Make Christmas Great Again!” ha!


You can make your political stance on Christmas with this Trump on the Stump elf.

Introducing ‘Trump on the Stump’ – the YUGE sensation sweeping the nation! Are those tiny footprints leading to a makeshift podium in your living room? Maybe it’s Donald, ready to give a surprise speech!


Watch as he defends against News reports, comments on Sleepy Joe’s latest moves, and perhaps even plans a tiny wall around your cookie jar. Who needs elves when you’ve got the master dealmaker himself ensuring every day in your home is, quite frankly, tremendous? Place him on any stump or stage and let the MAGA magic unfold! 


I am seriously getting a kick out of the thought process of this lol!


You can get this Trump on the Stump Elf on etsy for $34.99 here.

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