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Chris Hemsworth Is Going To Have A New Show That Has Him Swimming With Sharks and I’m So There

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OMG. First, Zac Efron has his own show on Netflix, Down To Earth, where we get to see a WHOLE LOT of his perfect dad bod, and learn a little about environmental conservation.

Courtesy of Netflix

Now, Chris Hemsworth is going to have his own show, Shark Beach, on the National Geographic channel.

Fair warning, Chris Hemsworth is my celebrity crush. This post might be just a little skewed, because of my absolute adoration of Thor. <3


Shark Beach is going to teach us a little bit about shark conservation, and we are going to see a whole lot of Thor Chris Hemsworth. Word on the street is, he will be swimming with the fish.

You know what that means – he will likely be shirtless. Just saying…

Like, I don’t know if my heart can take it.

Every year, Nat Geo has an awesome SHARKFEST programming event during the summer, and NEXT SUMMER Chris Hemsworth will debut his show during this über popular week.

I guess I’m going to be tuning into National Geographic to watch Chris Hemsworth all the sharks next summer.

Chris is the PERFECT face for the show, as he comes from Australia, home to some of the biggest sharks on the planet.

As it turns out, he is also an avid surfer (God, help me) so he is not a stranger to the waters.


Joined by the world’s preeminent shark experts — including surfers, conservationists, shark advocates and marine biologists — Hemsworth begins his journey in his own backyard, Byron Bay, Australia. Here, he uncovers the reasons for increased shark attacks so close to home in recent years.

Nat Geo Press Release

Hemsworth joins local biologists to explore how existing preventative measures work to stave off shark-human encounters and dives with different species of sharks to understand their behaviors and power. He also uncovers the latest breakthroughs in shark science technology designed to protect both sharks and humans. Hemsworth’s mission to understand sharks is more than a journey; he’s searching for the answers to help pave the way to living more harmoniously among sharks.

Nat Geo Press Release

It’s crucial that we both revere and respect sharks. Our oceans depend on these apex predators for a biodiverse ecosystem; however, we must also learn how to protect ourselves, and that’s my main objective in Shark Beach.

Chris Hemsworth

Bring on next summer! I need to learn a whole lot about shark behaviors and conservation.

Quite incidentally, Chris is from Byron Bay, Australia, and that is exactly where Zac Efron is allegedly planning on taking up residence.

Courtesy of Netflix

Side note: I need to take a vacation to Byron Bay!!

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