The 2022 Starbucks Holiday Cups Are What Holiday Dreams Are Made of

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? How about a sparkly one?

If it’s the latter, Starbucks has you covered because the 2022 Starbucks Holiday cups are pure Christmas joy!

The 2022 Starbucks Holiday Cups Release Date

There is one important thing to know, the Starbucks Holiday release will be released in 3 different chapters with 3 different release dates.

These dates are:

  • Chapter 1 – November 3rd
  • Chapter 2 – November 15th
  • Chapter 3 – November 29th

The 2022 Starbucks Holiday Cups

For starters, this collection is in the United States. You will need to check with your local state/country to see if you’re getting these same cups.


Starting with the November 3, 2022 release looks like we are getting several new cups including that gorgeous plastic jeweled cold cup!!

These will come in bold Gold bling and Sangria bling.

Celebrate the holidays in style with the always popular Bling Cold Cups, now available in two new high shine, ultra-luxe metallic hues: gold and sangria. For a fun twist on holiday décor, find Bling Cold Cup Ornaments in the two new colors this holiday season as well.


Bling Cold Cups (24 oz) and Bling Ornaments

Suggested retail price (SRP): $29.95 for the cold cup, $14.95 for the ornament.

Jeweled Cold Cups (24 oz)

SRP: $22.95


Jewel tones are the new red and green this holiday season, and Starbucks has new Jeweled Cold Cups available in white, merlot and azure. New Jeweled Cold Cup Ornaments are also available in the three new shades. Plus, customers can find jeweled ornaments in matching colors for a SRP of $12.95 each.

Gradient Candy Water Bottle (20 oz)

SRP: $24.95


Featuring pink and red hues reminiscent of holiday candies, this water bottle is the best way to stay hydrated and festive during the holidays.

Enchanted Forest Cup (24 oz)

SRP: $27.95


The prettiest of them all, this baby pink floral cup can bring a touch of holiday magic to anyone’s day.

Light Pink Lace Cup (24 oz)

SRP: $22.95


This adorable cup will bring a pop of pink and happiness to brighten those cold winter days. Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores, including those inside grocery stores, airports, hotels, and retailers.

Mint Poinsettia Tumbler (12 oz)

SRP: $19.95


Pair this floral mint tumbler with a Peppermint Mocha for the ultimate minty holiday. Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores, including those inside grocery stores, airports, hotels, and retailers. 

Color Changing Hot Cup Set
(6 pack/16 oz)

SRP: $19.95


For the optimum coffee-sipping experience, the Color Changing Hot Cup Set—in new festive designs—will turn any hot beverage into a fun and mesmerizing holiday moment.

In the recycled cups, looks like there is a new water bottle, cold cup and mug.

I also see some Target exclusives like the plastic keyring bling cup. So cute!


Above, looks like we are getting the gold bling cup back as well as some enchanted forest cups, spearmint siren cups and a red sangria bling cup!


And ahhh look at the ornaments!! I love that glass ornament hot cup. Rumor has it, these are not going to be Target exclusives like prior years.


Looks like we have some plastic reusable cups including color changing cups and glittered cold cups.


Some Target exclusives above. Plus, do you notice the mystery reusable hot cup they give away every year?! Ahhh I cannot wait to see what it looks like.

It does say it is part of the Chapter 2 (11/15) launch.

Starbucks Holiday Cups 2020

Seriously, I am so excited.

Which holiday cup are you most excited about?!

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