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Pixar Mystery Bags Are At Costco And They Are Perfect For Stocking Stuffers

I love Costco. I could spend all day in that warehouse, because every aisle has deals and steals that I simply can’t live without!

We also know that I am a self-proclaimed Disnerd, so when Costco sells a Disney product, I am All. Over. It!!

Courtesy of Disney

So, you can imagine I was straight-up giddy when I found these mystery bags of Pixar characters right on the aisles of Costco!!

Courtesy of Costco

I was first turned on to the bags by happening upon a video from @thecraftyheaux on TikTok. I was immediately like, I neeeeeeed those!! *Wide Eye Emoji*


MYSTERY BAGS AT COSTCO?! 👀 ##costco ##mysterybag ##starwars ##fyp ##deals ##CollegeGotMeLike ##CTCVoiceBox

♬ original sound – The Crafty Heaux

When I went to the Costco website, THEY WERE THERE!! I was so happy. The Costco website doesn’t always have everything I’m looking for, so I was so stinking excited the Pixar Mystery Bags were there!!

Courtesy of Costco

Now, prices for these bags do vary, depending on where you are. In the @thecraftyheaux TikTok video, the mystery bags were $18.99. When I went to the Costco website, they were $24.99. So, you will need to see how much they are at YOUR local Costco.

Courtesy of Costco

In each Pixar Mystery Bag, you will get 35 little character figurines. 25 of those are going to be original, which means you may get some duplicates — perfect for little gifts!!

Courtesy of @thecraftyheaux on TikTok

You can get anything from Finding Nemo, to The Incredibles, to Coco, to Toy Story characters, and anything in between. I love them!! Gah!!

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Show off the music inside. 🧡🎶

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Go to your local Costco, or go to the Costco website to check out these Pixar Mystery Bags. Christmas is coming early this year!

Courtesy of Costco

Speaking of Disney and Pixar, have you seen this totally cute Alien Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop? Gah! It’s just about the most perfect thing ever!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

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