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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Season 5 of ‘You’

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Joe, is that you?

After the killer cliffhanger in season 4 of You, fans of the hit show can’t help but wonder what’s next for Joe Goldberg and his newfound love.

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Considering Joe has completely accepted, and embraced, that he’s not a good man leading an immoral life, there’s something about Joe that’s even more scary that every fan who’s watched last season can feel.

So the question, or the questions are, will Joe continue to get away with the countless of people he’s murdered or will fate catch up to him and will karma strike?

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Of course it doesn’t help that his new girlfriend Kate is helping him lead a big lie, and let’s not forget about the money and resources Joe now has at his fingertips.

We wouldn’t want that kind of money and resources falling into the wrong hands except oh wait, it already has.

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Now we know that a fifth season has already been confirmed for the bloody series and sadly, this will be the shows final season.

In a recent teaser video released at Tudum: A Global Fan Event in Brazil, we see Penn Badgley who plays Joe tell fans that the next time you’ll see his character will be at Mooney’s.

Courtesy of @Netflix

That’s right, Joe is returning to New York City!

That can’t be good.

Courtesy of Netflix

Knowing that Joe has many loose ends from his past, returning to NYC may unleash an even bigger monster inside of him and after watching the teaser video, someone from his past is definitely returning.

Who is that someone from his past you ask? Netflix and Penn has kept that a secret, for now.

Courtesy of @younetflix

Now the only other fact we know about the series’ fifth season other than one of Joe’s surviving victims coming back to haunt him is the release date for the final hurrah.

Season five of You will return sometime next year in 2024 according to Netflix, but it’s currently unknown whether or not the writers’ and actors’ strikes will affect the final season’s release date.

Courtesy of Netflix

So until then, you can watch Penn Badgley tell us a snippet about season five of You in the new teaser video, here.

Courtesy of @Netflix

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