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Netflix Is Releasing Their First Interactive Rom-Com Where You Get to Decide the Ending

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Netflix wants you to decide the fate of their next film.

For the first time ever, the streaming platform is introducing their first interactive rom-com, which means viewers like you and I, get to decide the twists and turns that happen throughout the film.

So in other words, this new movie will either conclude with a happy ending, or a not so happy ending depending on the choices you select throughout the film!

Stressful right?

Courtesy of @Netflix

What’s dubbed Choose Love, Netflix is welcoming a new romantic comedy starring Laura Marano, Scott Michael, Avan Jogia, Jordi Webber, and Megan Smart.

So grab your popcorn!

Courtesy of @Netflix

Choose Love focuses on Cami, (Laura Marano), a recording engineer who may seem like she has the perfect life until she releases her life has been missing “meaning” thanks to the help from a psychic.

Throughout the trailer, we see Cami stuck between three love interests, her current boyfriend who is about to propose, a popstar, and an old crush.

Courtesy of @Netflix

And if you thought that was messy, Cami is also having second thoughts about her current job.

Will Cami resign as a recording engineer or will she indulge on a new career path?

Courtesy of @Netflix

Well what are waiting for me to say, the choice is up to you remember!

Choose Love streams on August 31 only on Netflix.

Courtesy of @Netflix

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