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Starbucks Barista Shares Why You Shouldn’t Use The Starbucks App If You’re Going Through The Drive-Thru

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I use the Starbucks app pretty regularly to order my drinks.

It’s convenient, easy, and less face it, it’s less people-y. I pretty much love it.

But, it turns out, if I’m planning on picking up my drink through the drive-thru, I shouldn’t be using the app.

This Starbucks barista explained why they don’t want you using the app if you are going through the drive-thru.

And, I have to admit, it makes a lot of sense.

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Starbucks App If You’re Going Through The Drive-Thru

Now, it’s no surprise that the baristas at Starbucks work their asses off.

They have to deal with customers coming into the store, customers in the drive-thru line, and about a million mobile orders.

That’s a whole lot of drinks to be making all at one time.

And, they get it right just about every single time. Take THAT McDonald’s!

But, they definitely have a certain flow.

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty baristas say on here how much they don’t like when someone puts their mobile in right before coming to the drive-thru or in the drive-thru line,


Those baristas pump out the drinks in the order that they were received, which only makes sense.

So, if you place your mobile order in the Starbucks parking lot via the app, and then jump in the drive-thru line expecting your drink right away, you’re definitely going to screw up that groove they have going on.

When you come to the speaker box and you say, ‘I just put my mobile order in right now,’ and we see it pop through, now we don’t have as much time to keep getting that going, and get you going and get everyone else out of there.


It’s much quicker, and better for everyone involved, if you just order your drink like normal if you’re going through the drive-thru.

Now, the barista is definitely not telling you that you can’t use the Starbucks app.

But, if you order in the parking lot via the app, go inside to get your drink.

That way you can wait on your drink to be made in the order that it was received.

Now you know.

You can watch the entire TikTok video about using the Starbucks app with the drive thru HERE.


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