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You Can Get Cereal Candles That Have Milk And Fruit Loops Pieces Inside

Gone are the days of buying plain candles, you know the type, the plain one wick white vanilla candles that burn in less than a week.

Currently selling on Etsy, and for the individuals who burn through candle wax often, these handmade candles are anything but simple.

Courtesy of bluewinestudio

Creator bluewinestudio makes cereal candles that includes “milk” and look alike Fruit Loops cereal pieces all put together in what looks like a cute milk bottle.

Courtesy of bluewinestudio

The “milk” at the bottom of the bottle is white soy wax including the colorful Fruit Loops pieces that are also made out of the same candle wax.

Courtesy of bluewinestudio

The seller notes that with each purchase, an extra bag of “Fruit Loops” is included in your buy to replace the ones that melt when you burn your candle throughout the day!

Courtesy of bluewinestudio

There are currently 11 different scents to choose from including chocolate fudge, coffee beans, or even tropical paradise.

Courtesy of Ashley Smith

Out of 1,115 reviews, this brand of candles have a five star rating!

You can currently get your own cereal candle on Etsy for $15 a candle!

Courtesy of Natalie Smith

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