People Are Making ‘Bee Waterers’ To Safely Hydrate Bees Without Risk Of Them Drowning

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Ahhhh I love this idea and I am totally going to do it!

People Are Making ‘Bee Waterers’ To Safely Hydrate Bees Without Risk Of Them Drowning and it’s the best idea I’ve seen yet!

As you all know, we have to save all the bees.

We rely on bees for pollinating crops, trees and flowers so they are a super important part of our ecosystem.

And to be honest, Bees are at risk of extinction largely due to human activities including large industrial changes, pesticide use, and so much more.

The good news is – there are so many ways we can help the bees from what we plant in our garden to the types of pesticides we avoid.

And now, people have thought of another genius way – a place for bees to safely hydrate.

Also known as a Bee Waterer.

These genius contraptions are made so the bees can safely land on the rocks or glass gems giving them a change to drink water without drowning.

And the best part is, they are so easy to make. You can just grab some items from the dollar store!

All you need is a large container, some water and glass marbles or those glass beads you can get at the Dollar Store.

You could use a clear plastic bottom (I’ve seen these at Dollar Tree like a plastic pie pan) or a shallow bowl.

Fill your container with the glass beads/marbles and add some water.

The bees will then be able to land on the glass beads, drink water and be able to hydrate without risk of drowning.

You also want to make sure you clean and refill it regularly so no bacteria will grow!

Genius, right? I am totally giving this a try because we have to save all the bees!

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  1. I have had bee waterers in my garden for many years

    1. @Brenda Flewelling, will birds drink from a bee waterer? Need water for the birds as well!

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