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Starbucks New Valentine’s Day Merchandise Is Here and Get Ready to Fall In Love

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re looking for a way to start celebrating now, look no further!

Starbucks has already dropped their new Valentine’s Day Merchandise for 2024 and it is so cute, get ready to fall in love!

The Starbucks Valentine’s Day Merchandise 2024

New this year are several fun, colorful cups that feature red and pink hues and lots of hearts.

For starters, they have the reusable hot cups that change colors and come in a pack of 6. Love these!

Next is this floral coffee cup that has hidden hearts throughout. SO cute!

One of my favorites (and I am kicking myself for not getting it) is this Glass Valentine’s Water Bottle. I love the colors!

For those of you that love to make homemade coffee, this Valentine’s Coffee mug is pretty cute too!

I am betting this Heart Tumbler with the Heart Straw Topper is going to be super popular this year. They only had a few of them at my store.

Super cute for Valentine’s Day!

I am not really sure these qualify as Valentine’s Day but they are quite springy – there were these two purple floral tumblers that were both really cute.

They also had this duo of ceramic coffee cups that were cute and springy as well.

And this again was not part of Valentine’s Day but it was a Starbucks + Alison Bremner Winter 2024 Ceramic Tumbler for those really into art.

And I think my most favorite of this collection are these two tumblers. I love the ombre purple, teal and mint. But I also really love the purple and blue studded tumbler that has a bit of a shimmer to it.

I loved them both so much, I bought one of each. So cute!

You can find these at your local Starbucks Target location now.

Which Starbucks cup is your favorite for this collection?

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