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You Can Get A Malibu Splash Candle That Will Send You On A Tropical Vacation

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If you’re like me, you’re probably all sorts of ready for fall. But for some, parting is such sweet sorrow with summer…

One of my favorite alcoholic drinks to have during the summer is Malibu! It’s so tropical tasting and perfectly embodies summer!

Malibu Drinks

If you haven’t tried Malibu Splash drinks, you are missing out! They are so tropical and tasty! And now you can have that smell throughout your house year round!


You can now get Malibu Splash Candles in your favorite of the 4 different flavor options available in stores! These come in an actual Malibu can and match the flavor started on the outside of it!


I love this! Summer can be in your house all year round now with one of these candles. If you’re interested in purchasing one, be sure to check out MyHoard on Etsy today!

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  1. Hi. This is my shop! Thanks so much for posting this. I wasn’t prepared for the influx of orders but I spent the day searching for stock and they are now back available. Thanks again. Also please follow my Facebook facebook.com/MyHoardEtsy/

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