New Kids On The Block Has A New Video Chock Full of Nostalgia

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NKOTB just released a new video and it’s so full of cameos from every singer I ever loved in Middle School.

New Kids on The Block New Video

It’s the History of Boy bands, but really– it’s more like the history of every single song I’ve ever loved in the last twenty years.

New Kids on The Block New Video

They released the new song in honor of the 30th anniversary of Hangin’ Tough. And it’s a shout-out to ALL the boy bands over the year. Cue Bel Biv D’Voe.

New Kids on The Block New Video

Even Jackson 5.

Did I just say 30 years? Geez. I am going to need a minute.

Lance Bass was representin’ N’Sync, but the NKOTB definitely did a little puppet string move, too.

New Kids on The Block New Video

And I know what you’re thinking… what about the girls?

Oh, don’t worry– Debbie Gibson did some Britney Spears moves so hot they might as well have been Toxic. (I am sorry, that pun was awful.)

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Dang, she looks so good!

But I think my favorite was when they paid a little tribute to theirselves.

The 1D references were also in full effect.

But I think my favorite was when they just reminded us how badass they truly are.

They’ve still got the right stuff, baby.

And if you need more, New Kids on the Block is going on tour this May with Salt ‘N Pepa and Tiffany.

New Kids on The Block New Video

Middle school me can’t believe she just typed that. She is so excited.

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  1. Just a simple correction on the name of the guest boy band, it’s Bell Biv DeVoe, not Bell Bic D’Voe. I had to double check too cause I remembered it as Biv and then saw how DeVoe was spelled.
    Everyone looked great in the video. Just wondering if the young boy in the green jackets dancing at the front of the class belongs to one of the boy band members?