You Can’t Make Me Watch Game of Thrones

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Take my nerd card now and shred it. I’m probably never going to see Game of Thrones.

But the thing is, I know all the memes. And all the little jokes. I get that it’s a great show that LOADS of people love. Really, I get it.

Man in a cloak with a sword pointing down to the ground while standing alone as his friends walk off in the snow. Sad. Lonely. Like me when I'm not watching Game of Thrones.

The problem is that it’s not on Netflix.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Which is easily gotten-around, I get that.

But the thing is, I’m just not sure that GOT is worth the extra effort of getting cable or downloading it illegally or buying it on Amazon Prime (which I also don’t have, so I’d have to sign-up for ANOTHER service).

Two Game of Thrones characters I don't know with text saying "You don't understand, they're going to make memes about it."
Source: Mashable

See, I’m a mom.

And I have about 30 minutes in the evenings to myself after the kids go to sleep–and that’s not even really “to myself” time because, you know–the husband.

While that’s fine, I want to also point out that after a day of wrangling those two preschoolers and managing my home, my business, and ALL THE THINGS, well, I have about 2 brain cells to rub together in those 30 minutes.

To put it succinctly, I simply don’t have time for an epic, sweeping series that gets me all invested in characters just to kill them off.

Because, without even having watched a single episode–or a freaking commercial for it that doesn’t come on before some random kids’ YouTube show, I can tell you that too many of my potentially favorite characters have died in pursuit of that damnable, and stupidly uncomfortable throne of swords.

Bunch of swords mushed together to make the highly uncomfortable iron throne for Game of Thrones.

Let’s list them, shall we?

Drogo–freaking hot, amazing–Drogo, the perfect husband for the Queen whoever the heck she is–the one with the dragons.

Two Game of Thrones characters--one dead or dying on a bed the other, a woman, looking sad above him.

Irri, Daerny’s handmaiden–in case you forgot about her. I don’t even know who she is, because I haven’t watched an episode, but I’m sure I would have loved her.

The Mountain–because the name is cool, but really…

SEE? Only 3 in and it’s already a depressing, sucky mess of dead people that I’m sure I would have loved.

I have to stop before I cry.

Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch a show because of a few deaths, but this one seems like something dramatic, crazed and probably horrific happens EVERY EPISODE.

My poor brain just couldn’t handle that.

Game of Thrones character with her dragon and words stating "Should have watched how to train your dragon."

Like, for real.

EVERY character that seems like I might be interested in enough to then ACTUALLY hunt down this series on YouTube or find a way to convince my husband that, yeah, we need HBO…Off with their heads.

Even the dang dogs in the show aren’t off limits.

How is that ok?!

A series of images of the various dogs used in the Game of Thrones, x's over each one that was killed in the series.

The deaths are seriously out of control.

I mean, I DON’T EVEN WATCH IT and I’m traumatized by all the, well, puppies that got ded.

The guy that wrote the books that Game of Thrones TV show is based on with text reading: "And then they all died. The end."
Source: PatriotsLife

Now, I know a lot of people actually ARE excited about GOT’s final season…and I promise I’m not throwing any shade.

But, seriously–I’m never going to do see it.

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