Some Stores Are Now Limiting The Amount Of Meat You Can Purchase. Here’s What We Know.

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Stores like Costco and Kroger are now limited the amount of meat that you can buy in a single purchase.

This isn’t because there is a meat shortage — there is actually just the opposite.

But, the problem stems at the meat packaging plants. Several plants around the U.S. have had to close because of outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers in the plant itself.

So far, there is no shortage in the supply chain, as of yet. But, this is a proactive approach — we all know what happened to toilet paper and hair color.

There is still PLENTY of frozen meat available, but fresh meat may start to see a bit of a dip, as packaging plants around the country have had to temporarily shut down.

Costco is limiting meat purchases more broadly. According to the Covid Updates section of their website, customers at all Costco stores will be limited to purchasing three fresh meat items per trip from the selection of beef, pork and poultry at the store. 


Kroger confirmed on Friday that the supermarket chain will be putting “purchase limits” on fresh pork products and ground beef at “select stores.”

Fox News

So, several things: It looks like neither store has limited OTHER protein sources, like seafood and vegetable proteins. Also, you can totally purchase the “limit” of meat, and bulk buy.

There are so many alternate protein sources, besides just poultry, pork, and beef. Now might be the time to try out tofu (I swear, it’s not that bad) or tilapia.

Many times, the buying cap is 2 or 3 items. So, buy the BIGGEST size available (If you normally buy the 1 pound package, get the 3 pound package), split up the purchase, and freeze what you don’t immediately use.

According to the USDA, meat is good in the FREEZER anywhere from 1 to 12 months. Just write the date on whatever you are freezing, stay within the guidelines, and use up the freezer meat before it goes bad.

Courtesy of USDA

We can TOTALLY make this work. Just be smart about your purchases, and make what you can get, work for you and your family.

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