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Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ Starring Steve Carell Releases Tomorrow and I’m So Excited

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The trailer for Space Force is FINALLY here, and it looks hilarious! Y’all have to see this!

Courtesy of Netflix

In case you have been completely unattached to Pop Culture and amazing television, Steve Carell played Michael Scott in The Office — only one of the BEST shows ever on television.


We are uber lucky, because Steve Carell is returning to television for Space Force, and he is bringing a stellar cast along with him.


This NEW show, Space Force, is the genius creation of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, who brought us The Office, and it’s coming to Netflix this MAY!


May 29th is the big premiere day, and it’s circled in red in my planner!


The show centers around Carell’s character, Mark Naird, who longs to be the head of the Air Force.


INSTEAD, he is put in charge of the new “sixth” branch of the government, the SPACE FORCE.

Courtesy of Netflix

If the Space Force sounds familiar, that is because, in February of 2019, President Trump signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act which established a Space Force, which is to “organize, train and equip a corps of military space personnel.”


Bring on the comedy, AMIRITE?!? And, what better way to head that up, than Steve Carell, himself.


Alongside Carell, this show’s cast will include Ben Schwartz — where are all my Parks and Recreation fans at?? — Jimmy O. Yang, Lisa Kudrow, Diana Silvers, Jane Lynch, and John Malkovich.


Much like The Office, this show is going to be about the inner workings of the Space Force, and less about giant space plots. Ha!

Courtesy of Netflix

You can catch the much-anticipated trailer, below!

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