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Apparently, Khloe Kardashian Approves Of Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Dating

It seems like Pete Davidson can do absolutely no wrong when it comes to every member of the Kardashian family.

I mean, the guy has charm, he has good looks, he’s funny, he treats Kim well — what else can you ask for?

We hear their closest friends and family approve on both sides.

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Of course, Ye (Kanye West) has made it abundantly clear that he despises the relationship that has blossomed between Pete and Kim, even spreading a rumor that the guy has AIDS.

Seriously, are we in high school?

But, everyone else who comes in contact with the new couple seems to give Pete RAVE reviews.

If we were handing out Yelp Reviews, Pete would get a 5 out of 5. LOL!

The latest person to fall head over heels for Pete’s charm is Kim’s sister, Khole.

Just this week, Khloe hung out with Pete, Kim, and a bunch of friends — I wasn’t invited, but that’s okay.

What is her review of Pete? She thinks he’s great!

She loves Pete and is so happy to see how happy he makes her sister.

Source to Page Six

Apparently, on their group date night, Pete rented out the entirety of 60out Escape Rooms, in Los Angeles, so they could solve the puzzles in privacy.

Side Note: It was guys against the girls, and the guys supposedly won — so he isn’t trying so hard to impress that he’ll throw a game. LOL!

When it came time to head to dinner at Quarters Korean BBQ, Pete picked up the entire tab!

Seriously, can he be my friend?!?

He made sure to call the restaurant ahead of time to take care of the bill to get that out of the way — Pete was a total gentleman. He took care of everything and wanted Kim and her friends to have the best time.

Source to Page Six

Kim might be a bazillionaire, but I bet she still loves the fact that Pete is willing to take care of her like that. I’d be smitten, for sure!