Apparently, Kanye West Is Spreading Rumors About Pete Davidson and It Sounds Like High School All Over Again

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Kayne West has hit a new low considering the latest drama that circles the singer.

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We know that Kayne most recently dropped a diss record about his estranged wife’s new boyfriend.

But now apparently, Kanye has also been telling his friends that Pete Davidson is suffering from AIDS, according to TMZ.

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Sources who are close to Pete have also confirmed that DJ Akademiks has claimed that Kayne has been spreading the lies like wildfire while Kanye’s team is denying the rumors.

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“Kanye’s been telling everybody within earshot” that Pete has AIDS, said DJ Akademiks.

DJ Akademiks

Since the false rumors, you bet that Kanye’s childish behavior has made for a few awkward phone calls between Pete and a few mutual friends he has with Kayne, who are just as appalled by the rumor, TMZ was told.

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Meanwhile, friends of Pete are mortified that Kanye would ever allegedly use a serious health condition to spread such lies about Pete says TMZ.

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While it’s clear that Kanye is not pleased about his estranged wife Kim Kardashian dating Pete Davidson, the alleged lies are wrongful and completely disturbing!

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Seriously Kayne?

Jealousy does not look good on you.

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