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Warcraft AKA The Devil…

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Okay, so where have I been?  Oh let me just tell you where I have been… I have been playing the wonderful world of warcraft all this time.  Like since November 13 I have been playing more warcraft than I care to mention.  I just can’t help it, it’s pretty much the best game ever invented, and there was a new expansion pack… and so now I have to hurry and get well… I don’t know WHAT I need to hurry and get haha!

Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up… the usual guilt trip still applies from my mom… even though my husband is working on Friday I am still supposed to figure out how to get both me and my three year old all the way to my grandma’s house, and I HATE doing that… I hate driving long distances with just me and Halle.  I am always so worried something is going to happen and I am going to be stranded on the side of the road far away from home with a small child… ugh.  Well, we will just see what this weekend holds… Thanksgiving is never a good holiday.  I think I have no idea what shall happen oh yes I do not.

Hmmm…. I guess I should get back to my little movie… the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2!  How cute is this movie anyway!?!

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