Kanye West Says God Will Bring Him and Kim Back Together and You Can’t Blame Him For His Optimism

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Well, Kayne sure gets an “A” in the optimism department…

So, you know how Kanye and Kim are getting a divorce? Although it hasn’t been finalized, Kim seems to have moved on since she has confirmed her relationship status with Pete Davidson.

Well, from the beginning, Kanye hasn’t been happy about this arrangement and has publicly made comments about him and Kim getting back together.

He really wants his family together again and honestly, can you blame him?

Nonetheless, as of yesterday, he made comments saying that God Will Bring Him and Kim Back Together and You Can’t Blame Him For His Optimism!

All of this was said during his Talk on stage at the Los Angeles Mission’s Annual Thanksgiving event.

“The narrative God wants is to see that we can be redeemed in all these relationships,”

He then continued saying:

“We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve publicly done things that were not acceptable as a husband,”

“But right now today, for whatever reason — I didn’t know I was going to be in front of this mic — but I’m here to change the narrative.”


He then began calling out E! and Hulu for the way they portray his family in the media. YIKES.

“I’m not letting E! write the narrative of my family. I’m not letting Hulu write the narrative of my family,” Kanye said to cheers from the audience. “I am the priest of my home.”

He then talked about how he needs to be close to his family and how he even purchased a home right next to Kim’s so he could see his kids as much as he can.

“I need to be back at home,” he said.

I’ll give him this – he does sound like a great dad.

Now, as for the marriage drama, who knows what is to come but hey, maybe he’ll manifest them being back together soon, right?

You can check out his full talk below.

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