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Peloton Says They Had No Idea What Their Bike In ‘And Just Like That’ Was Going To Be Used For and It’s Not Their Fault

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YIKES! This entire situation is a bit… dramatic.

Fair warning – spoiler alert ahead if you haven’t seen the first episode of ‘And Just Like That…’.


Okay, if you are reading this far it’s probably safe to say, that HOLY SH** I did not see that coming (and I am sure nobody else did either).


So, um, Mr. Big kicked the bucket or should I say, kicked the Peloton because he died. He had a heart attack on his Peloton Bike and died.


And if that isn’t shocking enough, because of that episode, fans everywhere are boycotting the Peloton brand. They are even going as far as trolling Peloton on social media (I admit, that part is funny).

But now, Peloton has come forward saying They Had No Idea What Their Bike In ‘Just Like That’ Was Going To Be Used For.

Apparently, Peloton knew HBO was going to feature a Peloton bike in the show but due to confidentially reasons, they didn’t know to what context.


The company has even gone as far to make a statement to try to do some damage control and prove that it wasn’t the Peloton bike that caused Big’s demise…

“I’m sure ‘SATC’ fans, like me, are saddened by the news that Mr. Big dies of a heart attack,” “Mr. Big lived what many would call an extravagant lifestyle — including cocktails, cigars, and big steaks — and was at serious risk as he had a previous cardiac event in Season 6. These lifestyle choices and perhaps even his family history, which often is a significant factor, were the likely cause of his death. Riding his Peloton Bike may have even helped delay his cardiac event.”

LA Times Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a preventative cardiologist and member of Peloton’s health and wellness advisory council

I mean, she’s not wrong BUT the fact the last thing he touched or even saw was that damn bike, I mean, can you blame people for being mad?


This is the Crockpot incident all over again… (This Is Us fans will get that reference).

I have a feeling the drama over all of this isn’t over and it’s just getting started…

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