Netflix’s New Alien Series Is The Show I Didn’t Know I Needed In My Life

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You know the screensaver on Netflix when you’ve paused a show too long? The one that shows little reels of other movies and shows available? Well, I have been intrigued by this weird little creature.


This new series, Alien Worlds, quickly rose into the top ten of Netflix, so of course I had to check it out. And let me tell you, my mind was BLOWN.


Never have I seen a show that combined an actual nature documentary with a Sci-Fi twist, showing us ideally, what other planets may look like. And it was SO incredible to see.


Scientists from all over the world have gotten together to show different climates, temperatures, and living situations from all over the world where life can thrive. Take those discoveries and math and arrange it into how things would look like on other planets, according to the scientific research known about them.


I binge watched this in one day and was not disappointed. I learned so much about our own planet and it opened my mind to such possibilities that could be out there. I even started feeling for the fake creatures projected on the other planets!


Not those ones above though…they made me mad. I’ve already told my husband he needs to watch it because space is a passion of his. I would definitely suggest this to any sci-fi fans, documentary fans, and space fans.


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