Lenny Kravitz is 55 and His Abs Are #Goals

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It’s almost Summer time which means many of us are working hard to get our body’s bikini ready but you know who isn’t? Lenny Kravitz.

Why? Because he’s already got that dreamy body and guess what? He’s turning 55!

Yes, Lenny Kravitz is 55 and His Abs Are #Goals!


Earlier this week Lenny took to Instagram to post the photo above.

“Day off. Photo shoot. #Blackandwhitephotography”

And since he posted that photo, people have gone crazy over how amazing he looks for his age.

I mean, DAMN I wish I could look that way now and I am about half his age.


If you’re wondering how a man his age can look so good, you should know, he contributes his hot bod to his clean-living lifestyle.

In fact, in a recent interview, he talked about his youthful appearance wasn’t by accident…


I have done nothing to my body or my face. I just wash it with water. I eat primarily raw, foods that are alive, vibrating, emit energy. I eat off the land in the Bahamas.

Kravitz told Mr. Porter in December 2017

The Bahamas is where he has an organic farm so again, clean living is what allows him to look like this:


That and of course, exercise with his personal trainer.

But the bottom line – he watches what he puts in and on his body and it’s quite noticeable.


We just have to take a moment to thank the internet because without it, we couldn’t enjoy countless photos of this beautiful man.


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