Randall Park Presenting With An Alpaca Is The Most Relatable Thing To Happen In 2020

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Out of everything that has happened so far in 2020, Randall Park presenting with an alpaca is perhaps the best.

It’s 2020, it doesn’t even surprise me that an alpaca would be on a live awards show! Not to mention, he is dressed better than Randall!!

While this awards show has been one of my FAVORITE awards shows ever — the virtual thing is REALLY working out great — perhaps the most relatable moment of the evening came when Randall asked the alpaca if he wanted to read the winner. Ha!


Can they just go ahead and plan to have an alpaca come on stage EVERY year now? It could totally be a thing! Maybe that could be their gimmick to get more people to watch. LOL!

Mr. Alpaca (Mrs?) you have totally won everyone’s heart, and you totally made the awards show worth the watch!

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