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More Games Like Wordle Exist, And You Are Going To Want To Play Them All

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You have to check this out. There are MORE games out there like Wordle, and I’ve already begun playing them.

Are you like me? You love Wordle, but one word puzzle a day just isn’t cutting it. You need a Wordle fix!!

I see gray, green, and gold boxes in my dreams!! They call to me, “Come play me.”


It’s been over a week now, and I religiously log into the Wordle page on the daily. This one word a day business is great, but I need more! I’m fiending for the word play!!

Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to get the answer, sometimes it takes me dang near half an hour. But, without a doubt, the same thing happens every time I finish a puzzle. I feel 5 seconds of joy, and then I just want more, more, more.

What Is Wordle That Everyone Is Talking About?

The easy explanation: it’s a word game.

The harder explanation: you get 6 chances per day to guess a 5 letter word. Wrong letter guesses get you a gray box. Right letter guesses get you a gold box. A green box comes when the perfect storm hits — you guess that right letter AND it’s in the right place for the word.


You totally just have to try it once. Then you will be sucked into the word play, and you will keep coming back for more.

Can You Play Wordle More Than Once A Day?

The short answer: NO.

The complicated answer: I suppose you could make separate logins, and play the game more than once. The only problem would be that you would get the same exact word each time. What’s the fun in that?


Are There More Games Out There Like Wordle?

YES!! Wordle is the OG word game, but there are a few — knockoffs, if you will — that will give you that word guessing fix that you need. LOL!

  • Kitty Letter – From the people that brought us Exploding Kittens comes a Google Play word game that you are going to love. You know those kitten cafés that combine kittens and coffee? This is kinda like that, but instead of coffee, you get words that you have to unscramble.
Google Play
  • Word Forward – You know that game Boggle? Where you shake up all the letters, and then try to make words out of however the letters fall. Word Forward is an Apple app that’s kind of like that. You have to clear grids by making words out of the letters on the “board.” It’s super fun and highly addicting.
Apple App Store
  • Hello Wordl – This game is like Wordle’s step brother. It is exactly the same, but different. What do I mean? You try to guess a word, exactly like Wordle. BUT, the difference is that you can increase and decrease the amount of letters in a word. So, instead of guessing 5 letters like in the original, you can guess words that have up to 11 letters. The BEST part, you can reset the game and play again!!
hello wordl
  • Lewdle – This is exactly pretty much what it sounds like. This is Wordle, but with dirty words. This game would definitely not be one you share with the kids. BUT, if you want fun, adult game play, this is it!
  • Absurdle – This game calls itself the “adversarial Wordle,” and it truly messes with your head. You are still guessing a 5 letter word, but that’s pretty much where the similarity stops.

“Adversarial” means that Absurdle is actively trying to avoid giving you the answer. With each guess, Absurdle reveals as little information as possible, changing the secret word if need be.


I mean, what? You get an infinite number of tries — you’re going to need them — and you can replay the game as many times as you’d like in a day.

I’ve personally played each one of these games, and they are super fun. I mean, you can’t beat the OG Wordle, but these are a close second.

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