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Madonna Posts A Bizarre And Unsettling Video Of Herself And It Has Everyone Concerned

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What in the world is going on with the Material Girl?


Madonna posted a bizarre 13-second TikTok video right before the Grammys on Sunday, and it has the world of social media concerned.

The puzzling video features a close-up of Madonna’s face. She’s wearing a sheer shirt, silver chains around her neck, four large braids in her hair, and large pink pouty lips.


In the video she is just leaning back and forth and puckering up for the camera.

I’m not gonna lie. She looks high AF. Look at those eyes!!


It is a pretty random post, and it’s almost like she posted it without thinking about how bizarre it is. I mean, it doesn’t present her in the best light.

Her fans were left as confused as I was, posting concerned comments on the video.


This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie 😳

Lindsey Six

This is completely unsettling 😳


I’m just going to remember how fabulous she was in the 90s. She was an icon .

Toby Tyler

Gen X. Look away. This shall not tarnish our totally tubular memories of the ‘80s. Look away. 🥺


Like, I’m not sure if she has had too much reconstruction surgery, she is jacked up on some seemingly illegal substance, or if this is just how she is now.


Maybe it’s a scary combination of all three.

Whatever the case, this is NOT the Madonna that we know from her Like a Virgin days in the 80s.

You can see the entire crazy video HERE.


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