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Spirit Halloween Stores Just Dropped Their Spooky Animatronics Collection For This Year And I’m Wicked Ready

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Halloween in July, anyone?

Spirit Halloween has unveiled the first-look at their lineup of animatronics for this year, and OMG!! Y’all, this is going to be a crazy cool Halloween season!


There are eleven creepy creatures in their lineup — including a crypt keeper, clowns, monsters, and haunted pumpkins.

Each one features a sensor that makes it spring to life, activated by moves and sounds. You are about to scare the crap out of the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters!


Besides the new animatronic creatures, you can expect the return of some fan favorites from years past — like the Creepy Rising Doll.

Y’all, this is only the first drop of Spirit’s animatronics for the Halloween season. They say to get ready for a second round of new animatronics in the coming weeks!

You have to check these out!

Spirit Halloween Animatronics 2023 Lineup

You can get the Halloween Animatronics NOW from the Spirit website.

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