McDonald’s Has Finally Respons to the Disturbing Grimace Milkshake Trend

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McDonald’s most recently celebrated Grimace’s birthday and as a party favor to the public, the golden arches created a meal specifically made for the birthday mascot.

The meal which featured your normal Big Mac or a 10-piece chicken nugget that also included fries, was also paired with a new purple shake.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Aside from the Big Mac and fries, the purple shake has taken over the spotlight on social media, but certainly not in the way McDonald’s was intending.

Social media users on TikTok have started a new trend with the drink that includes creating mini horror films.

Courtesy of @haleyybaylee

The trend, which typically shows an individual trying the new shake, wishes Grimace a “happy birthday” before a few seconds later when the video ends, the same person pretends to be passed out or playing dead.

Courtesy of @samlitv

Many of the videos which are all different, include one similarity, and that’s finishing with a scary ending after trying the new sweet treat.

Some TikTokers have ended their videos vomiting up the purple beverage, while others have pretended to be passed out on the floor.

Courtesy of @brotherofcolor

One person had the idea of including a sudden jump scare at the end of their video and covered their entire face in the purple shake.

The TikToker even went as far making herself look similar to Grimace!

Courtesy of @haleyybaylee

To get an idea on how popular this trend is, the hashtag associated with the creepy trend which is dubbed #grimaceshake, currently has over 1 billion views and counting.

And it looks like McDonald’s has seen a video or two of the trend.

Courtesy of @ihatedenise

Most recently, Grimace took over the fast food’s Instagram account, responding to the new trend.

The post, which included a selfie and a caption at the top of the photo that read, “Mee pretending i don’t see the grimace shake trendd.”

Courtesy of @samlitv

It looks like Grimace, is a little startled from the videos he’s seen.

Courtesy of @mcdonalds

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