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This Girl Got Her Eyelid Ripped Off By A Dog And It Is Terrifying

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It seems simple enough — you plan a fun birthday trip to Hawaii, so you make an appointment to get your eyelashes done before you go.

Well, things didn’t turn out so simple for poor Kelsey Salmon.

Her story makes me NEVER want to go get my eyelashes done — I don’t care if it was a freak accident!

So, Kelsey was all excited to go to Hawaii for her birthday, but she wanted to look EXTRA cute for the trip.

She decided to go with her sister to get her eyelashes done — something we all might do, right??

Kelsey’s usual technician was booked, so she decided to take to Instagram for help in choosing an alternate technician.

Of course, Instagram came through for her, and she found — an unnamed — technician that asked Kelsey to come to her home for the procedure.

It took place at the girl’s apartment, and this was the first time I’d ever met her. The living room was empty, aside from a lash bed in the middle of the room.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

Kelsey heard a Chihuahua barking in the other room, but didn’t think anything about it.

The dog even ran, and jumped on the table — Kelsey just started petting it, and everything was cool.

The technician finished her eyelashes, and the dog jumped to the floor.

Kelsey and the dog just stared at each other for a minute, but then things got crazy.

Out of nowhere — it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to pull back — he jumped up, bit me in the face and broke my eyelid off.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

She didn’t immediately start freaking out — I mean, I would have!!

It wasn’t until the technician picked her eyelid up off the floor, and Kelsey looked at herself on her phone — then she realized what had happened.

I was bawling my eyes out, she gave me a dirty blanket off the floor to stop my bleeding. She’s calling the ambulance; I’m calling my mum to meet me at the hospital.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

The paramedics that arrived on the scene wrapped her eyelid up in gauze, and put it on ice to keep it viable for surgery.

Kelsey says that she had to wait SEVEN hours at the hospital before anything was done, because there wasn’t a surgeon available that specialized in eyes.

The nurse that was helping her “felt adamant” that there was nothing that could be done to salvage the eyelid.

I ended up leaving to go to another hospital at 8 p.m., and I didn’t go into surgery until 1 a.m.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

Horrific pictures show poor Kelsey, eyelid-less, with her entire left eyeball exposed for all to see.

Another photo shows the flap of eyelid, with the extensions still attached, ready to be sewn back into place.

Doctors have told Kelsey that everything now looks good, but it could take up to a year for everything to heal.

I now take antibiotic drops four times a day, and I also put on a prescription gel four times a day — just to keep it moist.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

At the moment, my eye is all stitched up with dissolvable stitches. It should open eventually.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

Now, she WAS able to get the go-ahead to head to Hawaii, but she had to check in with a doctor while she was there — who thought the eyelid was too dark.

When she got home and went back to her surgeon, he said everything looked good, but he put her on an antibiotic just in case.

Really, the doctors were SHOCKED that the eyelid “took” so well — they had NEVER seen a detached eyelid before, so they were in “uncharted territory.”

Kelsey has been documenting her recovery on TikTok, and as you can imagine, the story has gone viral.

I just want people to not take their eyelids for granted. It really sucks not having one. I would also advise people not to go to anybody’s house for lashes or nails. Always go to a reputable salon.

Kelsey Salmon to The Sun

Point taken!! I’m NEVER going to some sketch apartment to get ANYTHING done.

You can see Kelsey’s TikTok video journals HERE.

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