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Dax Shepard Bought A ‘Toiletry Safe’ And It Is So Very 2020

We have all been there. We go to reach for our hair brush or our tweezers, and someone has swiped them out of their spot, never to be seen again.

When this happens to Dax Shepard, he takes matters into his own hands, and buys a safe to go in his bathroom drawer. He is SERIOUS about keeping his family out of his toiletries, and it’s hilarious.

And, I just love the relationships between Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell! She lets her phone camera roll as he rants about his “chimpanzees” stealing his bathroom essentials.

“I keep asking for change, so what am I going to do? Keep asking for change? Or am I gonna change me? There will be no more missing tweezers, no more missing hair brushes, no more missing nail clippers in the bathroom — meet my new toiletry safe!”

Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell’s response? “I can’t believe you did this.”

Ha! I mean, she DID admit she accidentally threw away the top to his razor when she wasn’t thinking.

I feel it in my soul when Dax says he lives with human ferrets. Ha! Ferrets go around stealing everything, just like his family takes his bathroom toiletries.

This new toiletry safe (btw, it’s not CALLED a toiletry safe) is the perfect size to slide right in his bathroom drawer — he measured it before he bought it. Ha!

When Dax goes on and on about his family “stealing” his bathroom essentials, Kristen pipes in with, “Babe, you can’t say ‘stolen’ when your kid takes your stuff.”

Agree to disagree. LOL!!

Kristen now refers to this group of videos as their “reality” show, and it’s one I would definitely watch. 

The “first episode” shows the Dax rant in all its hilarious glory. In “episode 2” Dax shows Kristen how his new safe is going to fit in his bathroom drawer, and then he rants about how many bathroom towels they need as a family (2 towels for a family of 4).

I mean, it’s an argument I’ve had with my husband more than once. 

They don’t disappoint. They bring us an “episode 3,” where Dax breaks down the missing gidgets and gadgets by percent.

Their funny exchange is just the laugh I needed this morning. Dax and Kristen — they’re just like us.

See their hilarious exchange below.