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Disney Plus Comes With A Warning In Older Movies About ‘Outdated Cultural Depictions’

So, Disney+ is turning out to be a big deal, and there’s some old school awesomeness on there.

All of the fan favorites like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast are out of the vault for the launch, but there’s also some crazy old classics like Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Lady and The Tramp and even the Aristocats.

Well, these movies are actually so old that Disney has a warning in their descriptions about the outdated cultural depictions you see in the movies.

There’s no warning on the actual movie when you go to play it, but in the details and in the description of these movies, you can see it at the end.

This is something Warner Brothers did a few years back with some of their more controversial old cartoons.

It was originally thought that Disney was going to edit out and censor the movies, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

They did, however decide not to release Song of The South.

So far, Disney+ is pretty awesome all around.

It will be interesting to see where things go!