Rumors Are Starbucks Will Begin Offering All Syrups in Sugar-Free Options

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I am so excited because a source that we have on good authority told us that Starbucks Will Begin Offering All Syrups in Sugar-Free Options and Soon!

We all know sugar is one of those things we can’t have too much of and if you are also someone watching your sugar intake for dietary reasons, this is awesome news!

Now, we found this information out from someone we know that happens to work at Starbucks and the rumor is, they will be offering all of their signature syrups in both sugar and sugar-free options soon.

How soon is soon?

We don’t know… for now, we just know it’s most likely happening (don’t hold us to it if it doesn’t).

Right now, Starbucks has sugar-free drink options but they are a bit limited.

So, if they do bring in all their syrups and offer them as sugar-free options too, that is HUGE. All you Keto peeps – I am looking at you!!

Just think of being able to order things off the Secret Starbucks Menu that are sugar-free! Amazing, right?!


So, how will this change things for you? Are you loving this move?

I know I am! I am ready to cut down on my sugar intake once and for all and this is just one step forward in that direction!


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